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Dye your socks (Workshop)

Dye your socks (Workshop)

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SOLD OUT.... We Will make more after the summer, stay tuned...
Dye your own socks with plants and food waste! 
We asked @forendenafvejen to come teach us her skills in plant dyeing! 
Using scraps from food waste and plants found in nature can be a sustainable way to recycle and create you own beautiful and unique textiles and garments, and we can't wait to learn more from Stefani!
*At check out choose the 'pick-up in shop' option as you will receive the socks in store on the day of the event. The event is limited to a maximum of 10 people*

Time and place:

  • 24th of june
  • From 5 till 8 pm
  • At Guldbergsgade 29C
You will learn the basics, such as
  • How to shift colors
  • How to prepare your textiles for plant dyeing
  • Which textures to use for plant dyeing
  • What plant materials are easy to dye with
  • Basics about tie dye and how to make your own unique pattern 
What you get: 
  • 1 pair of quality @woron socks prepared for plant dyeing 
  • A trial for you to take home ( English)
  • 4 different colors to dye your socks with
  • 3 hours workshop

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