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Calendula Body Salve (Morgenfrue Kropssalve) - Vild Nordisk Natur
Vild Nordisk Natur

Calendula Body Salve (Morgenfrue Kropssalve) - Vild Nordisk Natur

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In the cold and wet Scandinavian weather children often suffer from dry skin. 

Calendula Body Salve with organic calendula and rosehip seeds is developed to give extra moisture to vulnerable areas of the body such as elbows and knees. 

  • Organic calendula (calendula officinalis) is rich in saponins which has a soothing and bacteriostatic effect. 
  • Organic rosehip seeds (rosa canina) is rich in vitamin C which helps to keep the skin moisturized. Furthermore it contains glycolipids that has an antibacterial effect and reduces redness and discomfort following eczema. 

The product is made in Denmark and is free from perfume, parabens, colorants, endocrine disrupting PVC and phthalates.


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