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Mug with Wooden Saucer - Vaidava

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Beautiful mug made from Latvian red clay, by family owned company Vaidava. The clay is collected in a nearby quarry,and the classic, strong design makes each handmade Vaidava piece long lasting. The mug comes with a pretty wooden saucer made from oak.

All production waste has been used repeatedly, and the chemical production is lead free without any harmful substances.

All the handmade tableware are glazed and tempered to used both in oven, microwave and dishwasher.

Size and composition:

  • Outside is unglazed, inside glazed
  • 80 x 105 mm
  • Holds approximately 350 ml
  • Comes with wooden saucer made from oak tree
  • One mug and one saucer pr. box

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