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..and so are new challenges for smaller businesses all around the country. We are once again in the midst of a crisis- this time we're all challenged by high energy prices, war in Europe, the aftermath of the lockdowns, and a climate crisis in full action. But what if this is a chance for us all to change our behaviors for good and kickstart the journey towards a more sustainable fashion industry? 
Here in Res-Res we have talked a lot about how to find our place in this new economy - how can we practice what we preach, and still survive as a small business?
We believe that we can use this situation to focus on the core of our business:

1. Customer service.
We love clothes. The fabric, the craftsmanship, the design process and the work that has been put in to creating beautiful and wearable, long lasting clothes. Let us help you find the right fit, the right style, or how to pair your already purchased items in a new way. We want to create an atmosphere where you're teleported back to the first time you purchased a piece of clothing - the sneakers you saved your hard earned money for, or your first woolen winter coat. Let's reclaim the joy of quality, design and craft, so when you decide to purchase something, it's not done in stress, or in a hectic fear of missing out. We are passionate with every carefully curated piece in our store, and we're happy to share our knowledge with you! 

2. Repairs.
It's our passion! It can pro-long the life of your garments with many years, it can save you loads of money- and maybe even turn in to a life long hobby! Just ask Teffi (@forendenafvejen) who hosts our monthly Mending Café every first Thursday of the month! Join with whatever clothes need repair, and we'll guide you through.
You can also always turn in your clothes for mending in our store, and Victor or Vibe will take good care of them, and return them to you with some new life in them.

3. Unlimited returns
Returning the clothes that are not completely right for you in fit, style, or need is our best way of making sure that the clothes ultimately ending up on your shelves are the ones you actually love. So don't worry. (or hurry!) We've got you covered! We offer unlimited returns on both items bought in store or on our webshop.

Let's see if this crisis can make us all be more mindful in our spending habits. 
And when you do decide on investing in something you need, please think of all us smaller stores with great experience, expertise and passion for our products!

Thank you, and see you around! 

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