Cart 0 - Sustainable Fashion for Women, Men, kids and their home.

The more we know the responsible we can act. At Res-Res we work hard everyday making fashionable products available for conscious consumers around the world. The brands we carry strive to improve the fashion industry - making the sustainable choice your next choice. We carry brands with a focus on Respect for Resources - human as well as environmental resources. We become wiser everyday, and this knowledge we can show in the choices we make.

The store is about us two happy citizens of the world - wanting to make a difference. We live our daily lives in Copenhagen with our families trying to create extra awareness in the choices we make everyday in order to create a better world tomorrow than today.

Søren Alling Sørensen is the proud father of Richard, also known as king Richard since he has taken the center stage in this tight knit family he runs with Katrine. Søren has worked within the Fashion industry for the last 20 years. Today his focus is entirely on making sustainable fashion accessible for everybody. 

Lars Toft is the proud working mate of Søren, and also the proud father of 2 kids, Mille his oldest a teenage sustainable fashionista in the making and Nicolas the next online wise guy in the family dreaming of a intergalactic network - making www obsolete. His family fuels on traveling around the world, when the busy schedule allows it. His family partner makes the family run on homebaked goodies - and sustainable gardening at home. Lars dreams of making the world a little bit more sustainable - in all choices we make.

You find us easily on Facebook and instagram - and we will try our best to get you the latest news on spreading the word of a more sustainable lifestyle.

You can always reach us at or

We look forward meeting your sustainable needs for the entire family.