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Res-Res.com - Fashion for Women and Men.

Our vision is to improve the fashion industry and to contribute to drive the change we want to see through our everyday actions. We carefully select the brands we work with, and we only offer products that are made with respect to resources. This includes respect for the people involved in the production process, as well as respect for our planet. We become wiser every day, and this knowledge is reflected in the choices we make. Transparency and information are key to making responsible choices, and we are here to share our extensive knowledge on materials, production processes, care instructions and social issues related to the fashion industry with you.

We focus on eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, hemp or recycled materials and we offer products that are timeless in design and long-lasting. Fair and ethical production is equally important to us, and we focus on products with certifications that guarantee decent working conditions and better wages. For example, many of the brands we work with are member of the Fair Wear Foundation and work with raw materials certified by Fairtrade International. We must admit that it is not always easy to make the best choice, but we guarantee you that we do our best to make informed and responsible decisions and we constantly try to improve our own selection standards.

At our Copenhagen store located in the area of Nørrebro you can shop for denim brands like, Nudie Jeans, Amendi and Kings of Indigo. If you are looking for footwear and sneakers you can shop Veja and EKN footwear as well. If you are looking for the perfect shirt buying Klitmøller Collective, Nudie Jeans or Thinking MU is good. If you are looking for wide and loose fits Kowtow and Maska is your thing.

Res-Res was founded in 2016 by Søren and Lars who are since then united in the desire to making fashion that is as sustainable as possible accessible for as many people as possible. From the beginning, Res-Res was much more than a retail store in Copenhagen and a web-shop. It is a little universe to inspire and challenge each other to continue the path towards a fashion industry that is in harmony with planet and people, rather than harming them. Over the years, Res-Res has grown in size and new team members joined, each of them contributing with their own expertise and diverse backgrounds.

You can always reach out to Soren, Anders and Teffi who are responsible for the web-shop via shop@respectresources.dk.