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Nudie Jeans Repair Partner

How does the Nudie Jeans repair system work?

The system is pretty simple: 

  1. Free repairs on all Nudie Jeans. Just bring them to our store in Copenhagen. We fix them for free no matter where they are bought, if it’s the first, second, third (…) repair and we do all kinds of repairs, including the crotch, knees, and pockets etc.. Please make sure to wash your jeans before!  We do repair zippers, but this isn't for free. 
  2. Get a 20% discount on a new pair for every pair handed in for reuse. Jeans that are still in good shape are re-sold as unique second-hand pieces in our store in Copenhagen. 
  3. Fabric from worn out jeans that cannot be repaired anymore is used for repair patches. Whatever we cannot use in our store in Copenhagen, is sent to Nudie Jeans for their fabric recycling programme and projects such as the production of caps, hats and backpacks. 

If it's a tear in the denim of the jeans we will patch it with a matching piece of fabric. For this, we use a pair of jeans that has been deemed beyond repairable. First, we glue the patch on, and then we will stitch it firmly with a matching thread. In most cases the process isn’t more complicated than this. Once your jeans are repaired, you will receive a e-mail notification that they are ready to be picked up.

Repairing is caring: positive impacts on our planet

Calculating emissions savings is tricky, and in this case, it gets even more complicated since we are looking at so-called avoided emissions. This means that we are looking at how many emissions have been avoided by prolonging the lifespan of a pair of jeans, instead of buying and producing a new pair. Students from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg compared the impact of jeans that are never repaired and reused to jeans that are part of the Nudie Jeans repair and reuse programme. Their research shows, that up to 66% of CO2 emissions can be avoided if jeans get reused five times. That’s for sure worth getting them patched over and over again!

With our new sewing machines we are now ready to offer even more different sewing task, pleanse drop in so we can have a talk about what you want to have fixed, changed or advise about. 

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at Shop@respectresources.dk. Here you will reach either Søren who will be more than happy to help you through the process of getting your Nudie Jeans repaired.