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NORTH COAST ORGANICS - natural, organic, vegan beauty care

We carry the finest, effective, 100% organic, non chemical Deodorants from North Coast Organics. We carry them in 8 different scents all made directly from mother nature. Even their packaging are 100% biodegradable - a 100% sustainable, FairTrade product.

North Coast Organics has been producing all natural, organic, vegan beauty care products in Fort Wayne, US since 2012. 

All North Coast Organics ingredients are edible so they decided to run their production studio like a high-end restaurant kitchen. They follow all the typical restaurant protocol plus some. They always use gloves while making and handling your organic body care products to ensure they remain pure. They strive to use only NSF certified equipment. Additionally, everything is BPA-free. They believe that using the finest, 100% natural ingredients, proper tools and food grade equipment achieves a higher level of craftsmanship which means that They are able to provide you with a truly artisanal product.

They take pride in conversing energy, recycling, reusing and minimizing waste. They only use 100% Natural cleaning supplies. They utilize reusable bamboo towels and many other green products in our green certified production studio.