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B Corp

We have been B Corp certified since September, 2021. We are super proud to be the first retail shop in Denmark becoming part of the B Corp movement!  It’s been a long journey for us, and we would like to share more information with you regarding this comprehensive impact certification.

What is B Corp ?

B Corp is an independent non-profit organisation with the objective to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. B Corp is a standard for companies that are leading in having a positive social environmental impact, and includes famous sustainability heroes such as Patagonia and VEJA. At the same time, B Corp is a movement of companies that want to drive systems change for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. Read more about B Corp here.

What impact categories does B Corp include?

The B Corp standard is a so-called 360 degree certification, meaning that it covers all impacts of a business along the entire supply chain. It covers five main impact categories: governance, environment, community, workers and customers. In the impact assessment, each company has to answer, proof and verify numerous questions regarding their impact in those categories. The B Corp standards are developed according to standards best practices and informed by stakeholder input and research, and continuously evolve. 

What does B Corp mean for Res-Res?

We decided to become B Corp because we want to continue improving, and we want to hold ourselves accountable to the highest social and environmental standards. To become certified, we had to answer very detailed questions about our suppliers, the environmental and social impacts of the materials and production processes of all items we sell, our workplace and much more. The B Corp Impact Assessment 

From the start of Res-Res, we have always been on a mission to improve the fashion industry, and to reduce the negative impact that textile production has on our planet and the people making our clothes.  The B Corp Impact Assessment helps us to better understand and measure our impact, and to set new targets on how to improve in the future. 

As a small business, we know that we need to join forces with others to transform our economy. So we are very glad to be part of the B Corp movement so we can push for change together with like-minded businesses. And of course, we get inspired and learn from each other along the way!