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Event Space

Ideas for events

Res-Res has always been much more than a retail shop. Our mission is to improve the fashion industry and to contribute to driving the change we want to see through our everyday actions. 

So we are incredibly excited that we finally have an event space on our first floor to take this to the next level. Of course, we will still be up for passionate discussions about conscious consumption, jeans repairs and greenwashing on the shopfloor. But now we also have a space that makes us dream about all the extra events we can host such as talks, workshops, networking meetings, pop-up shops and art exhibitions.


We seek to collaborate with and rent it out to people that care about the same values as us - making this planet more environmentally friendly, socially just and fun to live on. Any ideas? Just get in touch with us!

The room is approx. 50m2 big and can host up to 35-40 participants.

For more information, please reach out to soren@respectresources.dk