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Anders is the newest member of the Res-Res staff and joined us just this year 2021 in April. He’s eyes are firmly locked on Amendi as he has high hopes of this brand with their progressiv sustainability and fantastic aesthetics.

Anders loves everything oversized and wide fitting and is very inspired by Japanese fashion and design.

He’s got an education within store management from Niels Brock in Copenhagen but from a personal perspective he’s quite the textile geek and is very knowledgeable as to where and how fabrics are made.

When you shop at the Res-Res webshop you will most likely meet Anders as he is our lead on the webshop.

If 90’s hip-hop or funky disco-esque music is playing in the store at Guldbergsgade you know that he is around as these are he’s to go genres for good vibes. Among some of he’s favorite artists are Tom Misch, Guru, Parcels and Prince.


Victor started working in Res Res as the store expanded in September 2019 and got space for the repair station. The repair station in Res Res is Victor's playground where his main task is repairing jeans. So if your favorite pair of jeans (or other clothes) has ripped and you can't stand the thought of throwing them out, you go to Victor.

Victor's favorite brand is Nudie Jeans because of their wear and tear-way of thinking, reuse and repair program Nudie Jeans provides and maintains a tradition true to the fabric's tradition and characteristics. Therefore Victor's favorite piece of clothing is, of course, his Nudie Jeans, on which he has made his own fades by wearing them since day one in Res Res.

Victor has as much passion for music as he has for jeans and repairs. He listens to surfer rock, indie rock, folk rock, blues and jazz. His favorite album is Cold Fact by Rodriguez, just as his favorite movie is the documentary about Rodriguez 'Seaching For Sugar Man'.


Søren is one of two co-founders of Res-Res from 2016, and started his own retail journey as a young 15 year old teenager back in 1994. He loves the stories behind the brands that we carry, and reasons why they do as they do, and loves to tell stories him self.. He loves jeans, so Nudie Jeans is one of his favorites, due to their repair set up and choice of materials, 100% organic. 

He listens to all kind of music, everything from Nick Cave, to Ice Age, Ayowa, The XX, Khruangbin or a Bosanova playlist.

He has no doubts, the industry he has been part of for so long, HAS TO CHANGE, the way we consume and our behaviors when it comes to consumerism HAS TO CHANGE, and we need to move in a different retail direction, respect all resources, how things are made, who have made it and on what cost, sell less, make it so it will last and repair/fix the things you can.