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Raw Espresso Face Scrub + mask - Grums

Raw Espresso Face Scrub + mask - Grums

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Grums Raw Espresso Face Scrub + Mask is based on natural ingredients and upcycled espresso, resulting in a deep yet gentle cleansing of the skin’s surface.

Grums Raw Espresso Face Scrub is hypoallergenic and contains no parabens, dyes, or perfumes. The coffee grounds content also adds a high level of antioxidants to the product.

  • It nourishes and protects the skin with its content of shea butter, glycerin, castor seed oil, beeswax, cocoa seed butter, macadamia nut oil, berry wax, squalane, vitamin E, and of course coffee grounds.
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation and visible signs of aging
  • Improves your skin’s ability to absorb lotion/cream.
  • A Kolbe on the danish chemical scale “Kemiluppen”Active ingredients
  • Squalane is known for restoring natural oils to dry skin and forming a protective layer that locks in moisture, providing long-lasting hydration. As an emollient, it helps moisturize and repair dry, rough skin, improving the texture and appearance of the skin.
  • Glycerin helps our skin retain moisture and has moisturizing, softening, and protective properties. Additionally, it keeps the skin lipids between our skin cells in a healthy state and protects against irritation.
  • Shea Butter is rich in fatty acids such as omega 6 and 9, vitamin E, and specific lipids such as phytosterols (strong antioxidant). It has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties and is used to nourish and strengthen the skin barrier, ensuring a radiant glow.
  • Macadamia Oil is filled with softening and nourishing fatty acids. It is an oil high in oleic acid, making it ideal for dry skin types. Its unique feature is that it contains large amounts of a rare fatty acid called palmitoleic acid, which helps reduce cell damage and prevent signs of aging.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from free radicals that break down collagen, thus preventing premature aging of the skin. Additionally, E-vitamin has photoprotective properties, meaning it can protect the skin from UV rays. When combined with Vitamin C, its antioxidant effect is enhanced.


The product can be used as both a face scrub and a face mask. The product can be used 1-2 times a week. Your face should be wet or damp before use. Preferably cleansed prior to use with our mild facial cleansing milk. Scrub as needed and rinse with water without using soap, as this can remove the nourishing oils in the product and leave your skin dry.

For best results, leave the product on for 15-20 minutes as a mask after scrubbing.


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