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This is the season for vacation, sunshine - and summer sales!
Huge markdowns in stores continues in a cycle, even though the staff expects a regular salary and the landlord his rent - and they don’t take 70% off 3 months a year.
Financial sustainability is just as important as all other parameters of sustainability, and they are very much linked together. 

Each year, more than 160 billion pieces of clothes are produced, but only around a fourth of them are sold at regular prices. The rest is either sold at reduced prices on sales, outlet malls - or even worse - destroyed as garments and put to waste. Is that sustainable? We think not!

We believe that every garment has a value - especially with all the resources spent producing it in mind. It needs to be sold at regular prices to have a true value, both for the producer, the retailer, and the consumer at the end of the chain.
We need to produce less, consume less and ease the pressure on our planet, by respecting the resources .
So lets start by producing long lasting garments! Garments with true value! 

We can all start with buying clothes that has value for us - take care of them, love them and wear them out.
True value is a 100% - right? No waste, and no production directly for the sales or the bin!
Sustainability starts with true value!

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