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..And so can some of the materials be…. Being fashionable and sustainable is a challenge - but by moving slowly forward it is possible. The materials and production environment are key elements in making the most sustainable choice.


But leather…?
Yes - leather is a produce (left-over) from meat production - and also one of the most enduring and long lasting materials that exists. Should we not use this part of the animal - or should it be burned or sent to the waste production facility? We can - of course - never condone any leather produce - where an animal is harmed purely for the use of their skin. Today you can use reworked leather, and vegetable-tanned leather without the use of harmful chemicals like chromium, this makes leather biodegradable. Leather is a pure natural material - which when treated correctly lasts for generations. My favourite shoes today are 19 years old - and they still carry me around - that is truly sustainable fashion.


And Denim…?
.. Yes - again….denim is one of the most fashionable items in the industry, and has an entire sector called by its name. Like most materials, it can be produced in a harmful way - or the more sustainable way…we choose the latter. The most critical part of denim production today is the after treatment - where the water consumption is way to high. But there are alternatives - buying a pair of dry denims, will reduce the water consumption to a minimum, combining it with a production with no added harmful chemicals in the coloring process, a good working environment and the use of only organic cotton in the process. You get a long lasting fashion item - with a good conscious behind it.


At Res-Res we proudly carry Nudie Jeans and O My Bag - two brands which are setting the standard in the industry, and with 100% transparency in their working process they make it easy to make a sustainable choice. And our sourced products are all produced in a healthy working environment, with decent wages and gender equality.


PS. And of course we service your products long after they left our store, with repair service for free at Res-Res. Making your purchase last is truly sustainable. And please pop by for a good discussion about sustainability - we are always open for new knowledge and inspiration!


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