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Skall Studio // Meet the Makers

When we first came across Skall Studio, we instantly fell in love with their beautiful, classic and artistic styles. With high standards for quality and design, and an original, holistic take on production, they have become one of our favorite brands.

Skall studio was established in 2013 by the siblings Julie and Marie Skall. Skall means sea shell in Danish. The name goes back to Julie and Marie’s Great-Grand parents, who lived by the North sea in the Northern part of Denmark. With their strong Nordic roots, the Skall sisters have created a contemporary fashion brand that unites the art of simplicity and functionality. The essence of the brand is classic, chic and effortless, and the designs are built from minimal and clean-lined aesthetics. Each garment is well-fitted, easy to wear and made of high quality, which meets the demands of a modern wardrobe.

Julie and Marie wants to create the building blocks for a perfect wardrobe, with garments for every occasion. A classic wardrobe not influenced by fashion trends, but with timeless and accessible pieces that lasts across seasons, from one collection to another. This take on fashion fits right in on our shelves in Res-Res! 

Marie and Julie Skall are visiting us in the store next week. Stop by and say hi, and see the new SS17 collection ! You can hear about the thoughts behind the collection, and enjoy some refreshments with us in the store! Hope to see you ! (More info on the facebook event )

We met Julie and Marie and asked them a couple of questions:  

What does sustainability mean to you?

"Skall studio is built on sustainability. We care about the resources that are used in the textile production and the people we work with. Sustainability is about taking responsibility and having a transparent business and production, and as a modern fashion company we can’t imagine not thinking about sustainability!"

Tell us about your favorite place in your city?

"We grew up in North Jutland close to the ocean, so water is very important to us. Here we enjoy the root and nature, which gives us inspiration for our work with Skall studio."

A person who inspires you?

"We are big fans of The Beatles, and Paul McCartney's lifestyle has always inspired us. Therefore we have a great love for Stella McCartney, who is making a difference in the fashion industry. She shows respect for the earth we live on and the people and animals that are on it. Skall studio has many of the same visions, and we think about the footprints we leave behind us."


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