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Meet our new brands - Part. 1 // AMOV

Spring means some new styles on our racks, and we've been very fortunate to meet some great new people, with som pretty great sustainable, conscious and stylish clothes! Meet: AMOV !

AMOV is a Danish brand who creates classic, wearable and comfortable quality clothes for men and women. Focused on organic jersey and cotton, they make great everyday clothes, that lasts..
The story:
Knowing how the lifetime of our apparel has a major impact on carbon emissions and water waste, AMOV have introduced unique codes on every single piece of apparel. They provide an online platform to resell worn, yet wearable and valuable AMOV pieces. By using the coding system on the garments, each customer can register their code online and receive full knowledge about production and previous ownerships of their particular garment. AMOV wants to create a network and a movement of people who are willing to exchange used apparel, and they believe that quality apparel over time will become even more valuable - as they will become representations of personal stories, destinations and experiences.
Therefore every single AMOV piece is marked with a number that correlates with the AMOV-year of production. This generation identifier will helps to ensure longevity for their products and encourage people to reuse and enjoy their garment for as long as possible. Pretty great idea we think!

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