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Fashion itself is a volatile term, that changes in a more or less determined pattern, and its DNA is a reflection of the time we live in.
Now its seems we are living in a time, where the ways we have been practicing over the last decades no longer carry the answer for the future. We no longer believe in blind growth - and the earth as an inexhaustible resource. So can the fashion industry work on some more responsible premises? Can we make a difference together?

We firmly believe, that the world can be a better place - and at the same time be a reflection of the time we live in.
The challenge for the fashion industry, is whether it can work with and alongside the already present trends we see for responsible behavior towards the environment and people.
Fashion can be redefined, reinvented and present durable solutions for the next generations. In short - fashion can respect all the resources, love and energy that are put in every single item of clothing.

As a consumer, you can help everyone on the way by asking the simple questions: Who made my clothes? 
What substances are used in production? 
And above all, make sure your clothes last for as long as possible, and then pass on as the unique resource it makes - even after use.

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