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Who doesn't feel tempted when new spring styles hit the shelves? Often we get so tempted, that the wardrobe grows year by year. It's part of the fashion's DNA - but how do you avoid falling in with too many purchases?

For us, the answer is relatively simple - buy less, but buy right, just what you dream about, and be sure it can be used in a lot of different ways. And if you're in doubt, make sure to buy it somewhere where you can always return and get your money back, so you're sure that the clothes can live on somewhere else.

At home, we have a rule that for each piece of clothing that is purchased, one will proceed to either recycling or resale. It's an easy and simple rule that always makes you wonder- do you REALLY want this new item - instead of the old sweater that you love so much.

We're always ready to help you make the right choices for your next items , by providing styling tips for the products you purchase at Res-Res. And we always return the money if you are in doubt- even after a month has gone by. Enjoy the sun and the new spring sprouts in gardens and shops! 

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