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Sustainable Pop Up at Nørrebro // Wehlers and Res-Res

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It's always great when you meet people with mutual interests - we instantly fell in love with Wehlers design, and their idea of creating timeless, sustainable furniture. We invited them to our store- you can meet them here at Res-Res for the next couple of weeks. 

Wehlers was established in 2015, and aimed to be a sustainable company from the very beginning. Their products, services and business model are focused on ensuring the lowest amount of environmental impact. This is their vision, and drives them to conduct a responsible business that is good for profit, planet and people.


Design is the center of Wehlers. Their furniture and homeware are designed intelligently, to support the circular economy in a product ecosystem. As an example, they have crafted a life-cycle-system, in which customers can repair, reuse, recycle, respect and remember Wehlers products by returning, swapping or repairing furniture. Wehlers is inspired by Danish design tradition in which honesty is seen in the material, and form is defined from minimalism and function. With strong ties to classic Scandinavian designers like Wegner and Børge Mogensen, they honor the tradition, but add a modern twist in material and structure.



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